About Nivia

Sh. Vijay Kharabanda, the founder of NIVIA was a visionary and patriarch, whose boundless ambition and deep sense of passion led him to establish one of the most successful Indian Sports Brands in history. His life of exemplary hard work, compassion, care and accomplishment was filled with spirit and zest.

Kolkata, not Jalandhar was the center in India where quality footballs were manufactured before NIVIA came into the scene in 1960’s. He established NIVIA and with that the reputation of Jalandhar as the quality football, volleyball and basketball manufacturing base of India.

In 1970’s when women empowerment and equal rights were not even an issue in India, he opened training centers at Kishanpura locality in Jalandhar to train women to stitch balls so that they could supplement their home income. Today, it is estimated that 60% of thousands of craftsmen stitching football are women.

While the world had moved to rubber and plastics in football shoes, Indian sportsmen were still forced to play with leather studs. Not even 1% of football shoes in India were manufactured in Jalandhar. Through his research and development he launched the first Successful plastic sole shoe in India called NIVIA Low Cut. This revolutionized the Indian football shoe market and soon Jalandhar became the center for football shoe manufacturing in India. With less than 1% share in the Indian football shoe market in 1980, today Jalandhar is estimated to have 90% share of football shoe manufacturing in the country. IT has become one of the major hubs of sports shoe manufacturing the country.

In collaboration with another ball bladder manufacturer, he launched molded basketballs and volleyballs for the first time in the country. He also set up the first successful molded ball manufacturing unit in Jalandhar which today is the largest manufacturer of molded balls in the country. Jalandhar, which had no history of molded ball manufacturing today boasts to half a dozen established and upcoming plants which would enhance India’s export and widen the range that Indian exporters can offer to the world.

Under his leadership, NIVIA was the first Indian company to get FIFA approval for its footballs. When the entire industry had surrendered to imported material for making footballs, he took up the challenge to upgrade the local rubber material to global standards. NIVIA today, is probably the only company in the world which has been successful in getting FIFA PRO marking on a football made of rubber.

Our Vision

At Nivia Sports our vision is be the nationally respected No 1 Indian sports brand, by creating a better tomorrow than today.

Our Mission

We are committed to produce the finest sports equipment for every sportsperson to help improve his/her performance. We strive to create and build sports talent by making available the world class sports equipment at right price. We are dedicated to continuously upgrade our technology & improve our product range and services.